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Welcome to the Indian Paranormal Team,


We at IPT strive to bring forth the mysteries of the paranormal world with the help of spirituality and scientific methods. Our members love to interact with people and help them solve all their problems related to paranormality. 

Our friends and associates worldwide help us gain knowledge and uncover the mysteries of the other world. We believe that they have vast knowledge as souls and this knowledge can be helpful to humans. We also know that out of the many spirits and energies there are a few bad ones who cause havoc in human lives. We aim to help the people affected by them and also give solutions to better health.

We wish to give a all round solution to all the problems and pledge to learn more so that we can help and reach a larger mass.
Thank you for reading this and we hope you have a wonderful visit on our page !

Psst...... if u know some secrets about the paranormal stuff.. we are waiting for u on the contact us page !! 

The beautiful Angelic Music is by my Spiritual Guide and master.. Erik Berglund. I solely miss his physical presence and often try and meet him in the astral realms. He blesses us all and is ever smiling. 
you can visit his website to buy his CDs.

Thank you,

Akshai Sthalekar
(Co-Founder, IPT)

Angelic Music By Erik Berglund