Certification in Sound Healing Therapy

Sound Healing is an ancient art of healing through the vibrations. Each and everything around us has a vibration and we usually refer to it as 'Vibe'.

You may notice that to feel calm and relaxed we need the vibe of the nature. To feel motivated we need sounds which motivate us. Sound has been the anchor in our lives and its vibrations have proven to stimulate certain regions of the brain to release the expected signals.

Sound Healing Therapy at IPT Academy is taught keeping the science of vibrations and spirituality in mind. The sounds relax a person's mind and put him into a trance state of mind. This freshness of the mind is accompanied by the binaural vibrations of the Tibetan bowls and Gongs. These vibrations go deep into the body and release the stress in the muscles providing utmost relaxation. Sound Healing Therapy can also be used to cure ailments and diseases due to its vibrations.

This modality is taught in person and in a group. Please contact for more information.

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