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Paranormal Getaway

Maharashtra has a rich history and a lot of battles have been fought on this land of the Marathas. Chhatrapati Shivaji conquered several forts ruled by the Mughals through his famous guerilla warfare strategies. The enemy was always caught off guard and died when he least expected to. A lot remained unfulfilled and thus began the stories of the killed guards roaming around the vicinity at nights.

Many people have heard of these stories and some have claimed to have had some eerie experiences. How true is the story of these guards still guarding this fort? Is there more than what meets the eyes?

Uncover the truth behind this fort with India's finest investigators. Rev. Akshai Sthalekar (CLPI), the founder and Paras Trivedi (CPI), the West Zonal Head of Indian Paranormal Team take you through this magnificent fort and investigate it through the night. Accompanied by Vinayak Belose, an accomplished trekker who knows this fort in an out, you would know the deep history of this place. 

Dates of the tour: May 12th and May 13th.

Food, travel and acommodation will be taken care of.

To register or know more call on: (+91) 9503030350