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Our Courses

IPT Academy is regarded as the top academy in India for paranormal research education. Our Flagship Certification in Lead Paranormal Investigation is accepted by teams in  a record 17 countries.

Our Spiritual development courses are designed in a way which makes it easy for anyone to learn and put it to practice.

Our Flagship course which gives you the edge over other investigators. More than 12 paranormal researchers from across the globe have contributed towards creation of this course.


The Numerology course that covers every aspect known in the subject. Our team which includes members who are PhD. in Astrology have contributed towards creation of this course. Start your career in the field of astrology by learning this intensive numerology course.


Most of us are intrigued by what our minds can do. We even love the Psychics as they do something that challenges our logical reasoning. We all have these abilities hidden within us. Its time to tap into these abilities by taking up the easy Psychic Development course.


Certification in Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a therapy that has the power to create miracles. The course is taught by therapists who have mastered this modality over more than 15 years.

This course is taught in person. Please fill the contact form below and enquire about this course to know more.

Let's Work Together

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