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India's Leading Paranormal Research Organisation

Members of

European Paranormal Activities society(Europe)

Bureau of Anomalous Research(India)

Secret Society of The Paranormal(USA)

About Indian Paranormal Team

Founded in the year 2013 by Rev. Akshai Sthalekar, Indian Paranormal Team has grown leaps and bounds in the field of paranormal.  Our approach to the paranormal field has been agnostic. We are open to new ideas and possibilities and that has helped us to deliver the best results to our clients worldwide. We blend ancient scriptures and texts with the modern science to conduct our research. This has motivated a lot many young generation paranormal investigators.

Our members are certified in a wide range of fields that are needed for the smooth execution of any given case. We take pride in our credentials as we are a team of certified investigators, psychologists, engineers, therapists etc. With associate teams in more than 15 countries worldwide we have brought in the latest technology to further the research.
We have been in the eyes of the media and have been featured in the National dailies, TV channels, Magazines, Social media, Radios etc. Our clientele includes Industrialists, Bollywood celebrities and also the less fortunate.

We do not promote or support practices which aim to cause disturbances or harm anyone.

Paranormal Investigations

Facing unexplainable events at home or work? Get answers to your problems with the help of certified paranormal investigators

Alternative Healing

Nature has its own ways of healing. Experience our wide range of therapies such as Sound Healing Therapy, Accupressure etc.

Certification Courses

Learn various modalities of healing and Paranormal Investigation at IPT Academy, one of India's most reputed Paranormal Academy.

ParaVaastu Consulting

The blend of spirituality and science bring you the ancient science of Vaastu shastra mixed with the science of paranormal to give you an allround solution.

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