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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you help in communicating with the relatives who have passed away?

No. We do not offer such services. If you see any signs which cannot be explained by science or logic, we can investigate and if it is an energy which showcases signs of it being one of the deceased relatives, we communicate with them.

2. How much time does it take for an investigation?
It all depends upon the location that needs to be investigated. Minimum required time would be 2 hours 

3. What are the costs involved for an investigation?
Please contact us by email ( for the exact quote.
4. How do the courses at IPT work?
CLPI, Numerology and Psychic Development are the online courses offered by IPT Academy. PLR, Reiki and other courses are taught in person only. A student can pay for the online courses using the pay now option on the page. once the payment is processed you would be redirected to the sign up page. Fill in the details using your preferred email and password. You would be sent a letter of acceptance (LoA) within the next 24 hours and you should be able to access the Course Page.

5. How to become a member of Indian Paranormal Team?
Indian Paranormal Team conducts regular recruitment online. You need to be a Certified Paranormal Investigator or know more than 2 healing modalities to become a member.
6. What is the approximate salary at IPT?
There are no salaries at IPT. Members who go on investigations and client calls get the commission based on the magnitude of the work done. Most of the trainees do not get paid. All expenses of the member when on duty is borne by IPT unless stated otherwise.
7. Does CPI guarantee a place or membership at IPT?
If you score well in the test you may be taken in as a member of IPT. Else the CPI does not guarantee a place in the team. Decision about giving membership lies with the Founder President and the Vice Presidents of IPT.
8. What gadgets are used by IPT for investigation?
IPT uses the latest gadgets in the market available for research. Our gadgets are revaluated every year. The old ones are discarded and the latest technology is brought in
9. Does IPT have any collaborations or associations?
Yes IPT has associates in over 18 countries and is also part of various international institutions. In India IPT is a part of BAR (Bureau of Anomalous Research).
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