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Paranormal Investigations

What is Paranormal?
Anything that you cannot explain with the mainstream science is termed as paranormal or 'Parallel to Normal'.

How can we help you out?

At IPT we investigate the locations using the latest gadgets to determine the source of the anomaly. We bring reason to the happenings at your home or workplace. Our extensive experience and utmost sincere and formal behaviour has lead to many Industrialists, Bollywood celebrities and other big names to become our client.

Our Ethics

We take pride in our ethics and rules. We take utmost care to provide the best service to our customers. Our clients have many a times given us the keys to their properties to investigate. We build trust and make sure that you get what you have paid for. We do not take cases for the sake of it and many a times try and solve the issues over the phone at no cost.

Our Process

Please fill the form below and send us details about what you have been facing. More the details the better we and faster we can guide you. Please include photographic evidence if you have any. Once we receive your message we will respond within 3 days to the given email or if the case needs immediate assistance we will contact via call. Our member will explain you the estimated time needed for the investigation and explain the process of investigation too. Upon acceptance of the same, we will send you an invoice stating the total cost of the service, members appointed for the case and contact details for coordination.

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