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Alternative Therapy

Reiki Treatment

Alternative Therapies at Indian Paranormal Team are often seeked by people who face stress, relationship issues, negative life patterns, chronic diseases or even common cold. We have a range of therapies for you to take benefit of.

Our therapists are certified to perform these therapies and have years of experience in it.


What you should look for in a therapist?

Always take the treatment from certified professionals. Taking therapies from non-certified therapists might cause permanent and irreversible damages. Please ask your therapist for his credentials and if possible take a look at it.

Therapies on offer at IPT Wellness:
1. Accupressure
2. Sound Healing Therapy
3. Reiki
4. Chakra Healing and Balancing
5. Neuro-Linguistic Programming
6. Past Life Regression
7. Aura Scanning
8. Emotional Freedom Technique
9. Spiritual Counselling
10. Art Therapy
11. Tarot and Angel Card readings
12. Numerology
13. Crystal Ball gazing
14. Lama Fera


15. Lecher Antenna
16. Bach Flower Remedies
17. Shalvik Mantra Healing
18. Colour Therapy
19. Cosmic Energy Healing
20. Ancestral Healing
21. Runic Energy Work
22. Tai-chi
23. Hypnotherapy
24. Angel Therapy
25. Gupt Mantra Chakra Healing
26. Mudra Therapy
27. Aroma therapy
28. Dream Interpretation

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