Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapies at Indian Paranormal Team are often seeked by people who face stress, relationship issues, negative life patterns, chronic diseases or even common cold. We have a range of therapies for you to take benefit of.

Our therapists are certified to perform these therapies and have years of experience in it.


What you should look for in a therapist?

Always take the treatment from certified professionals. Taking therapies from non-certified therapists might cause permanent and irreversible damages. Please ask your therapist for his credentials and if possible take a look at it.

Therapies on offer at IPT Wellness:


Sound Healing Therapy


Chakra Healing and Balancing

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Past Life Regression

Aura Scanning

Emotional Freedom Technique

Spiritual Counselling

Art Therapy

Tarot and Angel Card readings


Crystal Ball gazing

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