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ParaVaastu Consulting

Couple and Architect

Paranormal Vaastu is a blend of the ancient Vaastu Shastra along with the Science of Paranormal Investigation. The ancient science was thoroughly researched upon, developed and blended with the best of scientific tools to bring about a revolutionary service called Paranormal Vaastu.

With scholars in Vaastu Shastra with more than 15 years of extensive experience in it, IPT has solved various cases where industries were about to shut down. Now these industries are flourishing in their field.

Certified Paranormal Investigators inspect the energies and radiations which can hamper a person's thoughts and abilities. 

The Paranormal Vaastu is an end-to-end solution for your vaastu problems. This service is provided by World record holder Ketan Talasaniya who is a Vaastu expert and has been a mentor for various Vaastu professionals in India.

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